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The Origins of Rocking JF

Rocking JF LLC was originally founded in March of 2022 by Jackson, Wyoming local Jessi Fourre. Jessi was born and raised in the Jackson community, and has many family roots within. Jessi's family used to be the owners of 4A Engraving in Jackson. Her parents also used to work for the Sheriff's Office and St. John's Hospital. With this, Jessi was able to grow up in a business community, and become very exposed to the Jackson community.

Growing up in the Engraving business, Jessi has always been very keen to the process of personalization and customization, with several different kinds of materials and machines. For Jessi, starting this business was a no brainer. After 4A Engraving closed in 2012, Jessi continued to do small works of her own, primarily as gifts. It was until Jessi gained the opportunity and resources to grow outside of just "gift giving", that she decided to share the opportunity to a bigger audience.

After attending The University of Alabama, Jessi has spent quite some time in a few other states; California, Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas. Learning the variety of styles in these different locations has played an incredible role in Jessi's creations.

Dedication to the Community

Rocking JF has been in the works for quite some time now! We are dedicated to our customer's wants and needs, as well as the community. We play our part in this world by using as many reusable resources as possible, before buying new. New shoes aren't cool until they've got a little dirt on them, right?R

ocking JF also plans to extend into the community with collaborations, bringing other small businesses and local artists together to create something unique. In the future, Rocking JF also plans to set up a scholarship fund for Jackson Hole High School students that have a similar strive for creativity, business, patriotism, and dedication; all things in which Rocking JF was founded on.

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Rocking JF was inspired from Jessi's livestock brand. The logo is actually the livestock brand Jessi still uses today! Jessi would put her brand on just about everything when labeling her belongings, rather than her initials - including some of her art work!

Throughout the years she also got several requests from friends and family for branded hats, so it was another obvious choice when coming up with the new business brand name and logo.